Nathan Enns
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My Work
Programming PHP and Python, specifically search engine technology the focus of which has been FyberSearch.
Website development has also been something I've worked on. Don't let the design of this site fool you, I know that at first it seems to be a crappy design but that it only seems that way because it lacks a design and people expect websites to be designed. Website development is work and I don't like working on personal time which is why I didn't work on developing the design of my personal website.
My Interests
There are many things that I don't mind doing and that I enjoy myself while doing but many of those things are not interesting enough for be to initiate as I also don't mind being alone, with family and hanging out just talking with friends.
I've spent a lot of time researching philosophies, religions, spirituality, physics and more. Of special interest to me is the idea of reality/life as a video/computer game model which I discuss on a website called Apotheosizer (apotheosis: attaining the highest state of perfection or as I define it on the site, getting the most points possible).
My Personal Life
I was born and raised in a city south of Seattle, Washington called Burien. I still live there as I like the area and have no reason to move.
My first long term relationship lasted from when I was 18 and a half (fall 2003) to spring 2006. We were engaged but not married. My second long term relationship lasted from fall 2006 to may 25th 2013. We were married June 9th 2007 and technically still are although it is irrelevant.
Also in 2006 my only sister died who was two and a half years younger than me. It was difficult losing my fiance and sister at once, especially because everyone I knew was so upset about my sister (as was I) that there wasn't anyone to talk to about the end of my relationship which is normally part of the dealing with it process.
I have a wonderful mother and grandparents. My father and I get along and used to enjoy talking about all kinds of interesting topics but in 2009 he started showing up drunk when we were supposed to get together (he had always had an alcohol problem but often managed to stay sober for our get togethers).
I always told him that I had no problem that he drank as I never thought it was my decision to make (which was true, it may seem strange or unusual but I think everyone's decisions are their own and don't feel it is my place to change them but to accept them). But from what I could tell he had started twisting it around internally so that he felt like me not wanting him to stop drinking meant I didn't care about him enough to try to get him to do what others thought was best for him.
Unfortunately this came to a head one of the times he showed up drunk in spring 2009 and we discussed that while I accepted his drinking I didn't want to hang out with him drunk (it was a longer conversation but I think that was the summery of it). He became increasingly angry at various things (probably caused mostly by being drunk instead of anything being said), attacked me screaming that he was going to kill me.
I honestly did fear for my life and he really was coming after me. I probably should have gone inside sooner but I had spoken with him drunk many times before and he had never once become violent. He was VERY passive his entire life, at least based on everything I had heard and experienced. Even though he had surprised me, was drunk and seriously was trying to kill me I somehow won the fight with no scratches on me. He had a broken finger I think.
He called week or two later, said I started the fight and didn't apologize but said he wanted to get together again. I agreed to meet in a busy parking lot but he showed up drunk again and seriously tried to kill me again chasing me around the parking lot screaming how much he hated me and wanted to kill me. This time I called the police (the first time I finally pushed him back and went inside) as he was blocking me from my car and no one was helping me out. He ran onto a bus when he saw that I was calling them.
Before much else could happen between us he pissed someone off enough that they threw him down on the ground causing him a serious head injury. He almost died and was left with debilitating brain damage. He is in a care facility/home now but he is slowly regaining his old personality, memories and mental functionality. I see him periodically even though it is difficult because I have no idea if he remembers that the last thing he did with me when he was still himself was try to kill me twice in a row. I figure that I'm relatively safe now because he can't get drugs or alcohol while in the care facility.
I do want to mention that I know this is based on my perspective and that everyone has their own story so if you want to find out what his is feel free to talk with him about it although he may not be able or willing to.
My Relationship Interests
I think someone compatible with me is out there somewhere but don't ask me why I think that or how to explain it, I just do. So my relationship interests only involve considering one with someone I have't confirmed incompatibility with.
Note I said considering, I still have no interest in being in a relationship with anyone until I have confirmed compatibility, just because I haven't confirmed incompatibility with someone doesn't mean compatibility has been confirmed.
And don't give me any online dating site algorithms, those sites may be useful for meeting new people but their algorithms don't stand a chance compared to mine.
By the way, if you think this kind of talk isn't any way to impress a girl then you're probably right. The whole point is specifically to not try to impress a girl although it isn't to do the opposite either. All the girls who require impressing aren't compatible and whoever they are compatible with wouldn't have to impress them just like whoever is compatible with me wouldn't require me to impress her.
In fact, trying to impress girls can make it harder for one who is more compatible with you to tell that they are because to impress girls you have to show your assets/abilities/muscles/points. Basically, the focus is on attributes, not essence. Compatibility is about essence, not attributes.
So if you make the focus your attributes then you and the girl both will just find it that much harder to focus on how compatible you are, which is fine unless you are trying to find the most compatible person to be in a relationship with which I am more than aware is not everyone's focus or interest.
So now that I covered all that, many many girls should have been ruled out just with this little section. Pretty efficient, right?
By the way, I have very little money but a ton of potential if it just had the right direction. Seriously, not lazy or a failure, just want to build stuff with someone instead of building a bunch of stuff alone just to impress someone. There! Probably ruled out a bunch more chicks right there.... this is going well so far :-).
My Contact Information
Gmail: My first name (nathan) dot my last name (enns) at gmail dot com.
Google Voice: 207-200-3667. I know it's a Maine area code and pretty far away from Washington state but I wanted the last four digits to be my last name (enns) at the time and that's the only area code I could get those digits in with Google Voice. I honestly don't care now but also don't care enough to switch the number.
By Nathan Enns